Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Print on Demand Prices Changing in April

Hello Publishers,
I hope that your February is going fantastic!
This is a quick update for print on demand books as we prepare for the following print cost changes in April. We do not have a definite date yet, but as we get closer, we will notify you as soon as possible.
The short version is that Lightning Source has implemented a pretty significant change to their print cost structure. As a result, there will be a few changes coming to our sites soon:
·       Short books of all types will generally decrease substantially in cost as the fixed price for low page count books goes away.
·       B&W books will be 10-15% cheaper.
·       Standard Color books will be 10-35% more expensive.
·       Premium Color books will be 15-30% cheaper.

    There will no longer be a "Medium" size for Premium Color books. The 6"x9", 6.14"x9.21" sizes will now be considered small, and the 8.5"x8.5" size will now be considered large.

Changes to Book Print Costs

You can compare the new cost formulas below to the current costs here:
The new cost formulas below apply to all available page counts.
·       Black and White (Small / Softcover): $1.55 + $0.0138 per page
·       Black and White (Small / Hardcover): $5.98 + $0.0138 per page
·       Black and White (Large / Softcover): $1.61 + $0.0202 per page
·       Black and White (Large / Hardcover): $5.98 + $0.0202 per page
·       Standard Heavyweight/70 (Small / Softcover): $1.55 + $0.0316 per page
·       Standard Heavyweight/70 (Small / Hardcover): $5.98 + $0.0316 per page
·       Standard Heavyweight/70 (Large / Softcover): $1.61 + $0.0503  per page
·       Standard Heavyweight/70 (Large/ Hardcover): $5.98 + $0.0503 per page
·       Premium (Small / Softcover): $1.55 + $0.0676 per page
·       Premium (Small / Hardcover): $5.98 + $0.0676 per page
·       Premium (Large / Softcover): $1.61 + $0.0905 per page
·       Premium (Large / Hardcover): $5.98 + $0.0905 per page
·       Premium Color Landscape will have the same price as other Premium Large formats.
·       There will be no more Quantity Discounts for bulk orders over 50 copies.

Updating Site Prices for POD

In April, when we update print costs for your POD books, we will adjust the site price on your titles automatically so as to maintain the margin you have set for that printed format. As part of this site price adjustment, we will try to maintain similar price points that still end with $X.95, $X.99, or $X.00 to stay as close as possible to the prices you have set currently.
For example, if you have a 300-page, hardcover, premium color, 8.5x11” book on site now, the current print cost of that would be $39.90. After the April cost changes, the print cost will drop to $33.13.
If you currently have the print margin on this title set to $20.09, then its site price to customers would be $39.90 + $20.09 = $59.99.
With the April update, our code will first attempt to maintain your margin of $20.09, re-setting the site price initially to $33.13 (new print cost) + $20.09 = $53.22.
As that site price does not match the format of your former site price ($59.99 follows the $X.99 format), then our code will adjust your margin from $20.09 to $20.86, so that your new site price becomes $33.13 + $20.86 = $53.99.
Of course, after the April update, you are free to further adjust your margins (and resulting site prices).
We think this automatic price reset is the easiest and most effective process for us and you. We welcome your feedback.

What if I planned my KickStarter?

Many KickStarters print runs may benefit from the cost reductions, but if you already planned on a larger (i.e., higher page count) standard color book, you may be facing a sizable cost increase.
We will work with you on grandfathered pricing if your KickStarter launches on or before March 1st, 2019. If you are within that date range, please contact your Publisher Service Representative so we can work with you through your fulfillment.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me through e-mail during normal business hours.
Meredith Gerber


  1. That will be nice to see a decrease in price for the Premium Color Heavyweights. Thanks for the update!

    1. You are super welcome! We are happy to see it, too!

  2. Im thinking that this could be useful with my current kickstarter. I like the idea of a cheaper B&W book, that will work for my fiction titles as well.

  3. I would prefer if the set retail price remained unchanged but the margin increased.

  4. I haven't had books printed as standard color for a while now. The premium color just looks so much better.

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